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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the most important activity of BMA. Continuing Medical Education & Seminar Sub-committee perform these activities very successfully. BMA has taken following activities immediately after the great victory of present dynamic leadership.

Workshop on Policy Frame Work : A 3-days workshop on "Policy Frame Work for Health Sector" with the newly elected BMA leaders was held at BMA bhaban. This workshop had made some recommendations on future health sector program and development strategies This document was submitted to the government and development partners.

Scientific Seminars Conference 2003 : At the eve of Installation Conference 2003 on 17th April 2003 at Bangladesh - China Friendship Conference Center BMA had been organized five important seminars on the following vital national health issues.

>> HIV / AIDS -Bangladesh Perspective.
>> Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care.
>> SARS -a Potential Health Danger.
>> Arsenicosis problems of Bangladesh.
>> Integrated management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) in Bangladesh.

National prominent subject specialists and learned experts from different development partners took part in these seminars. WHO, UNICEF and World Bank had sponsored these scientific program. A huge number of participants were present in these seminars.

CME on "SARS" : SARS has suddenly appeared as a dangerous global health problem. This was a time demanding issue. To meet the urgent need of information and management of SARS. BMA took this initiative to disseminate latest knowledge and health situation on SARS on 24th June 2003 at BMA bhaban. Dr. David Batler Jones, member of National Committee on SARS and immediate past President of Public Health Association of Canada was the speaker of this CME program.

CME on Neuroscience : BMA had organized a scientific seminar on Neuroscince with the reputed national and international neuroscientists at Dhaka Medical College Lecture Gallery. A renound Neurosurgeon of Singapore National University Prof. Timothy Lee, was the note speaker.

CME on Health Service Delivery in Bangladesh : BMA organized a discussion meeting on Bangladesh Health Service Delivery Survey at BMA bhaban. It was presented by CIET. BMA leaders took part in discussion and their concern incorporated in the final report.